Join A Challenge Group

Did you know that only 8% of people reach their New Years resolutions??? 8%. That is why accountability is SO important. To have someone in your corner, as a cheerleader, a reminder, and a constant source of support, can and DOES make the difference.  If you do not have some source of accountability, chances are that you won’t reach your goals. Let’s face it. Sleeping in or just sitting on the couch with a snack and movie are much more appealing and easy. Having someone to answer to, who wants you to reach your goals just as much as you do, helps give that extra push!


If you join the gym, and you don’t show up on Monday, is the gym calling you asking where you were and if you did well over the weekend? No. Actually, in some cases they are banking that you DON’T return. When you are dealing with stress and wanting to eat, does lean cuisine have a forum to hear you out? No. My point is, having an advocate, or health coach that specifically has YOUR best interest in mind, provides you your BEST chance at success. Sure, at the end of the day, YOU are the one doing the work, regardless, but, I am there WITH you.


Challenge groups are PRIVATE small groups that I run monthly on the Facebook “Group” platform. You get ME, as well as other successful coaches on my team within a small group of people, very similar to you and your goals. I will help you choose a program BEST suited for you and your needs as well as discuss what meal plan is realistic. You will get 1:1 accountability, exclusive motivation, recipes, small daily assignments, fitness tips, and group support! The benefit to the group is that you get a TON of positive feedback & support while you LEARN. There is always someone “there” to answer or hear your questions. You will both teach and learn from others and will be empowered in the process.


There are some accountability guidelines to remain in the group, but as long as you continue to try, commit to the program tools and SHOW UP, you will ALWAYS have unconditional support. I start ONE new challenge group a month. If you are interested in learning more about this platform, how “online accountability” works, how I can personally empower you to succeed and what it takes to qualify, contact me throughout my “contact me” tab or find me on Facebook and shoot me a message there! Isn’t it time for you to have someone cheering for and supporting YOU?